Frequently asked questions

1. Does the EPDS ensure compliance with the legal environment and the regulations?

Yes, the EPDS can also handle documents, equipment and activities in one, and can be used for achieving lifetime tracking and full compliance.

2. Is it necessary to install software on the computers/workstations for using the system?

No, the system works on the principle of server-client technology, so it is not necessary to install it on a Users’ computers.

3. Can the system be connected to other corporate management systems?

Yes, the system can be connected to different corporate management systems. However, consultation with the User and the person/team responsible for the corporate management system is a prerequisite for it.

4. Can reports/statements be made using the system?

Yes, there are embedded reporting processes in the system; however, in the case of individual need and development, any statement can be made from the data used by the system.

5. Can the system be used offline (in industrial environments)?

Of course, the system can also be used with a mobile application (iOS / Android) offline, too. When the mobile device is connected to the Internet, data synchronisation can start.

6. Can other aspects or framework systems be integrated into the EPDS?

The latest version of the EPDS (4.0) we will be devised in such a way that the User can set criteria other than explosion-proof technology (environmental protection/occupational safety/fire protection/custom compliance criteria).

7. Does the system have a one-off fee?

The system has a capital cost, then follow-up fees are charged in the subsequent years. Of course, it is possible to devise individual schemes.

8. Why is it necessary to use a unique identifier in order to implement lifetime tracking?

A unique identifier is an essential element in implementing lifetime tracking. They can be used to make equipment clearly identifiable at any time and anywhere.

9. Where does the system store the data?

Meeting ever-changing needs, we handle this issue flexibly. Our Partner has the option to choose where it wants to implement data storage: on its own server, on a server provided by us or in a cloud.

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