General terms of contract

General terms of contract

In force: as of 6 August 2018

EPDS+ Szoftverfejlesztő Kft. (registered office: 1154 Budapest, Kozák tér 13-16., Hungary), company register No: 01 09 291697, tax No: 25834138-2-42, representative: Árpád Veress, Managing Director) (the ‘Company’) operates the website called EPDS++ at the domain for its own business benefit (the ‘EPDS Website’).

The rules and regulations regarding the use of the EPDS+ Website are set out in these General Terms of Contract.

It is a prerequisite for using the EPDS+ Website is that you, as a User, accept these General Terms of Contract (GTC).

When these GTC are applied, the following terms have the following meanings:
‘User’ means the natural or legal person that uses the services of EPDS+ Kft.
‘Service’ means the opportunity provided by the EPDS+ Website to the User to seek and obtain information and to contact the Company.
‘Database’ means the unique database devised by EPDS+ Kft., which contains companies, products, services and information.
‘Company’ means EPDS+ Kft.

The EPDS+ Website and its textual appearance are the copyright work of the Company or the natural persons who are members, agents and employees of the Company.

Accordingly, in accordance with the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright in force, the graphic and textual parts of the EPDS+ Website may only be used with the prior written authorisation of the Company.

The Database serving the EPDS+ Website is a unique database devised by the Company, which contains products, services and information and the whole content of which is protected by copyright.

Accordingly, in accordance with the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999, the Database serving the EPDS+ Website may only be used with the prior written authorisation of the Company.
The Company informs the User that some of the texts and graphics contained in the Database may also be the works of other authors or extracts from such works. In respect of the texts third party authors, the third party creating the text is entitled to the copyright.
The Company uses the word ‘EPDS +’ as a trademark.

The Company informs the User that the given company or third party business is entitled to the right to use the logos, trademarks and product labelling of other companies and third party businesses appearing on the EPDS+ Website.
By accepting these GTC, the User undertakes not to infringe the Company’s copyright and trademark rights.
The User acknowledges that the Company is entitled to initiate civil or criminal proceedings against persons who infringe its copyright and trademark rights.

Natural person Users do not pay any fee to the Company for using the EPDS+ Website. Thus, natural person Users are entitled to use the EPDS+ Website free of charge.

The Company is entitled at any time to make the services appearing on the EPDS+ Website constituting the subject-matter of these GTC subject to payment in the future. In this case, the services of the EPDS+ Website may be made subject to the payment of a consideration after 30 days following the unilateral amendment of the GCC by the Company. By accepting the GTS, the User expressly accepts and acknowledges the Company’s rights under this section.

When using the EPDS+ Website, the User provides specific personal information (email address and name) to the Company. The Company undertakes to use and utilise the personal information only for the operation of the EPDS+ Website and for customer contact.
The Company undertakes not to disclose the User’s personal information to unauthorised third parties either for free of charge or for consideration.

The Company takes the actions as may usually be expected in order to ensure that third parties cannot obtain natural person Users’ personal information unlawfully. The Company stores and processes the personal data in a data centre located in the territory of the European Union.
The Company undertakes to delete the User’s personal information permanently from its records if so requested by the User in writing.

It does not mean that the rules relating to the User’s personal information are violated if the Company brings aggregate, anonymous statistics relating to the use of the EPDS+ Website to the knowledge of third parties. By accepting these GTC, the User expressly consents to the provision of such data.

The Company seeks to operate the EPDS+ Website in an uninterrupted, continuous mode. The Company provides conditions necessary for continuous operating mode at its own expense with the care that may be expected.

The Users may not enforce any claim for damages against the Company due to the temporary suspension or interruption in using the EPDS+ Website. The Users expressly waive the enforcement of such claims for damages.

The Company is entitled to amend these GTC unilaterally. The Company is obliged to publish the text of the amendment on the EPDS+ Website 15 days prior to the entry into force of the amendment.

Issues not regulated in these GTC shall be governed by the laws of Hungary in force, in particular, the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.

The Parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and authorities of the Republic of Hungary with respect to any legal dispute that may arise from these GTC.

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