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Veress Árpád

owner / general manager

Kurucz Attila

owner / general manager

Szilágyi Levente


Bortnyik Szilárd

development manager

Kácsor Attila

Sales / Account / Business development

The specialists of the EPDS+ help devise the operations that conform to the Company’s regulatory environment with the highest level of expertise.

Veress Árpád:

He is the founder and owner the ExWorks Group. Veproil Ltd and EPDS Ltd are the member of this group. They have worked on the field of explosion protection since 2003. He hold numerous technical trainings at partners, colleges, technical universities (Technical University of Budapest) in hungarian and foreign languages (english, german) too. Budapest) in hungarian and foreign languages (english, german) too. Founder and lecturer of the Ex Forum conference series (2005-) which subjects are: innovative and useful skills about Explosion Protection for industry professionals. He has worked in many project as head engineer in several projects connected to realization of pharmaceutical, oil and natural gas, chemical, mill, biogas, ethanol projects. Main responsibility is design, realization and validation of safety in industrial and hazardous areas.

Kurucz Attila – Managing Director

Attila always on the lookout for new ideas that he can be put into practice. He is noticing every opportunity to learn something new, and strongly believes in success if people are doing this in the same way. Managing people needs empathy and excellent communication. He is the best person in the EPDS+ team to link technology and people together to create new solutions.

Kácsor Attila:

He has worked in various field of different sector, for example: banking (as account manager)-, agricultural (as sales manager)-, online marketing and media (as Projekt manager)-, market research- and IT (sales and business development manager)sector. In the past one and a half year, he work as business development and account manager in the EPDS Ltd. He completed 3 huge projects and prepare anothers ones in industrial sector. He has helped the programmer in the understanding of the industrial challanges and needs.

Szabados Péter:

He is graduated as a multimedia-developer in 2007 in Budapest. During his last exams he has joined the Hungarian military forces where he used Python to code cryptography for military intelligence for 7 years. He got promoted to IT section leader, since then he organize and lead as a project manager. In the EPDS he is responsible for the IT field in every project.

Dalnoki Fanni:

She has working as copywriter and online marketing manager for three years. Before that I was tender specialist assistant at MultiContact Consulting Kft. After that she was working for a year as  personal assistant of the Distribution and Logistic Director of Sanofi Zrt. After these jobs she joined to the EPDS Ltd, where she is responsible for every marketing campaign as well in the ExWorks group.

Bentekovics Attila:

He is the backend programmer in EPDS Ltd. He is responsible for the ExWorks group members websites backends. He has designed and manged  the EPDS 3.0 softwares databases.

Liliom Kristóf – iOS/Backend/Frontend Fejlesztő

Kristóf is a developer who values platform native solutions combined with new technologies. He takes implementation and data communication optimisations seriously while aiming to provide high code quality. iOS development is his main profile, but he also enjoys taking on challenges from other parts of any project.

Hornyák Ádám – UI/UX designer

We are repeatedly surprised by his ability to create beautiful, usable things so quickly. He is able to receive a broad brief and distill that into a finished product design through a combination of research and his own intuition. He’s enthusiastic, hardworking, and has a natural talent for design. Generation Y guy with 8 years of experience in the creative field.

Matusz Levente – Senior Android Developer

Levente got an MSc Degree of Engineering Information Technology in 2014 with excellent mark. He is developing softwares for the Android platform, almost the beginning. Initially, those were Mobile Banking applications in an international company. His job was to planning and developing a new banking software product. Then for a few years, he was part of a research and development project where he has gained a lot of experience about agile software development and planning complex systems. He is always looking for new challenges.

Pál Miklós – IT Architect

Miklós is a dedicated IT expert. In addition to acquiring a deep understanding of technologies that are currently in use, he likes to try out new solutions. Over 13 years of professional career, he has gained a wide range of technological and methodological experiences in many different projects. These qualities make him a good person for guiding EPDS+ in the right technological direction.

Fődi Gergő – Frontend developer

His main focus is frontend development but has years of experience in test automation and backend development as well. He utilises modern frontend  technologies in his work. Constantly learning new ways to improve the projects he’s working on. Hard working, he takes care of the challenges of multi-browser compatibility by researching and providing the best solutions.

Boda Beatrix – Backend Developer

Beatrix always aims to provide high quality code by applying methods from test driven development. Has hands on experience in Java enterprise server-side technologies, including solid Spring knowledge. With her analytical mindset she is proficient in finding and applying the right algorithms to different kinds of problems. She enjoys taking on any challenge that comes across her projects.

Tóth Ábel – Frontend developer

Ábel adapts cutting edge technologies in every projects he’s working on. He takes on challenges of complex applications while continuously improving his skills and knowledge. Always aims to make something meaningful that has great value and satisfies the customers requirements.

Szőke Róbert – Senior Backend Developer

Over 13 years personal experience working in the world of software development. Graduated as M.Sc. Information Engineer at the University of Miskolc, and got Java developer certification in 2008 (Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform). During his studies and after it, he planed and developed softwares in multi channel internet banking projects for more Hungarian and European banks. He was also member in the local integration teams of the mentioned banking projects. Then he was part of a research and development project where he has gained a lot of experience about functional planning and agile software development.

Árnyasi Márton – Testing

Marton received his MSc degree from the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics in 2009. He is an ISTQB certified software test specialist with extensive experience in automated functional, integration, performance and security testing. He has been responsible for testing activities in numerous software projects in a wide range of sectors from energy (E.on, OMV, Demasz), finance (Erste, UniCredit, BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen), telecommunication (Vodafone), and airline logistics (Lufthansa).

Machács Roland – Backend Developer

Roland likes creating solutions with new technologies. Has the knowledge to create backend implementations that will bring life into everything frontend developers create.
Roland is passionate about the impact his code can have in the real world, and firmly believes that he can create innovative solutions which will ultimately lead to a better user experience.

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