EPDS+ for operators

EPDS aims to create an Ex compliance software ecosystem, in which various components owned and used by separate process participants form one uniform solution giving accurate answers to all explosion safety compliance questions. The solution, significantly reduces the personal risk of decision-makers and maintenance staff and the exposure of the company, while also accelerating control and audit processes.

The central part of the EPDS ecosystem is the Operator module, which is responsible for the full life-cycle tracking of all Ex equipment. It automatically schedules and prepares inspection tasks based on compliance expiry dates and notifies staff to arrange inspections.

Inspection input data (list of equipment, special inspection criteria, hazardous zone maps etc.) are handed over in one standardized package, which is encrypted, digitally signed and time-stamped by an independent third party to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Inspectors can either be internal staff or external contractors, the system ensures that all details are captured, transferred and stored in a closed process.

Results of on-site inspections (reports, checklists, recommendations, photos, videos) executed with the EPDS for Inspectors module are also received in encrypted, time-stamped and digitally signed packages. Data is processed instantly, updating the overall compliance status as soon as possible. The EPDS Operator module can process results from other inspection tools, as long as they use the same input and output package format. Observations made without a compatible inspection tool can also be loaded through the user interface.

Prompt reports based on real-time data, notifications, dashboard and map views offer a general overview and quick insights into the current compliance status of the whole operation. In case of an existing non-compliance or upcoming expiry, managers can initiate immediate actions. The system provides full process definition and tracking support so managers can make sure that initiated actions are followed through as expected.

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